In what amounts to a stealthy victory for Second Amendment advocates in Maryland, yesterday, the Governor signed into law a modified “Castle Doctrine” bill (SB-411).

This new law will provide civil immunity for a person defending their dwelling or place of business. This immunity provides that the person is not liable for damages for a personal injury or death of an individual when protecting yourself in your home. Maryland added the proviso that the doctrine only applies as long as the persons defending them selves are not convicted of a crime related to the act for which the immunity is being sought.

Second Amendment supporters should take hope in the passage of this modified “Castle Doctrine”. Not only have we been successful in defeating anti-second amendment legislation such as HB-820, (the registration bill from this past session), we have been incrementally advancing pro-Second Amendment bills into law. These advances are done without a lot of pomp and circumstance so as not to draw the attention of the gun fearing progressives.

So don’t believe that nothing is being done to recapture the liberties that the progressives have taken from us. There have been many such small victories which receive little or no press coverage. Know that you can make a difference and that your pro-Second Amendment legislators are not only killing the bad bills we are obtaining small victories every session.


  1. Outstanding! Now let’s work on relaxing the CCW permit laws and make MD a ‘shall issue’ state. We all know that criminals do not care about CCW laws. They are going to carry their weapons anyway. These laws only hurt law abiding citizens just trying to protect themselves an their families. The thugs will not be so bold if they thought their victims might be armed.


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