CC SPCA Director Deeming Launches Character Assasination Campaign Against State's Attorney.


The Executive Director of the CC SPCA, Ms. Jeanne Deeming wrote a June 2, 2009 letter to the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s, Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Executive Director, Laura C. Downes regarding the agencies investigation into the allegations against the CC SPCA veterinarian Dr. McDermott. Ms. Deeming attached several pages to her letter, which amount to little more than a collection of irrelevant, mistatements and attempts at character assasination.

You need not read any further than the second attached page to the June 2, 2009 letter of Mrs Deeming, Director of the CC SPCA to see just why the citizen, volunteers and employees are afraid to try to report or get involved in any matter involving the CC SPCA because of the resulting charachter assassinations that take place. In what appears to be some sort of press release attached to the letter the first page mistates and selectively reports on the Jonathan Newell, June 1, 2009 letter. On the second page, Ms. Deeming addresses the findings of Mr. Newell which find fault with the manner in which the CC SPCA is operating. In doing so she ends her argument in her defense with the totally irrelevant attempt to now smear the reputation and motives of the State’s Attorney Mr. Newell by writing that Mr. Newell is a Republican in a County that Delegate Smigiel represents half of as a Delegate. Then in a total lack of any relevance and a clear attempt to assassinate his character Ms. Deeming writes:

 “It is also a matter of public record that Maryland’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, ruled 7-0 in March 2009 that Mr. Newell could not violate the free speech rights of two women working as victim witness coordinators in his office by firing them because they had supported the candidacy of Mr. Newell’s Democratic election opponent.”

Please explain to me what that has to do with anything related to the care or treatment of animals by the veterinarian at the CC SPCA. If we are not to believe Mr. Newell because of his alleged bad character when he says something bad about the CC SPCA why should we believe anything he said in favor of the CC SPCA. Everything said by Ms. Deeming in her letter to the Veterinary Board is irrelevant to the allegations of abuse and neglect at the CC SPCA.

 Delegate Smigiel’s office was presented a plethora of complaints about animal abuse and neglect at the CC SPCA. These allegations came from former employees, volunteers and citizens who utilized the facilities. Several of these complaints come from eyewitnesses to behavoir by the Veterinarian Dr. McDermot. There are documents from the agency that support many of the allegations of professional malpractice.

The eyewitnesses have offered to take polygraph tests regarding the allegations they have alleged. There are witnesses to botched operations, neglect and failure to provide follow up care. There are witnesses to nonqualified personell being allowed to perform operations on animals and witnesses with supporting documentation to support veterinary medicine performed by nonqualified individuals on animals treated at the CC SPCA. Delegate Smigiel’s office provided the Veterinary board with documents alleged to have the forged signiture of Dr. McDermott and an internal E-mail from Ms. Deeming herself complaining about Dr. McDermott. None of the specific allegations are addressed by Ms. Deeming, instead she engages in a misdirection of the question to the character of those making the allegations and to a debate of the possible motives for various individuals, (interesting enough, herself included) to have said things about Dr. McDermott’s failure to appropriately provide veterinary care to the animals at the CC SPCA. All the Animal Control Officers have refused to be polygraphed and no one has asked Ms. Deeming or Ms. Schwertzler (The President of the Board of Directors) Susan Maldonado, or Dr. McDermott to take a polygraph. Sure, they might have said no also, but any investigation of allegations of such incompetance should seek to find the truth.

Regardless of whether the CC SPCA personnel volunteer to be polygraphed there certainly is no excuse for refusing to accept the offer of the eyewitnesses who worked, volunteered or utilized the services of the CC SPCA. Ms. Deeming’s letter is devoid of any attempt to address the material facts alleged by the various constituents who came forward with complaints.

Mrs Deeming herself had some interesting things to say about Dr. McDermott in an E-mail she sent to one of the employees who came forward with allegations against the agency. If the State Veterinary investigator had any questions about what was thought of the Doctor’s ability he could have them quickly addressed by reading the E-mail from the CCSPCA director, Ms. Jeanne Deeming of December 6, 2008, where she wrote the following about Dr. McDermott:

“His type of medicine is the reason that we have so much problem with the spays/neuters and sickness. He just doesn’t care about any of the animals, to him it’s all about his money . This is not something that he hasn’t been told about in writing so I am not talking behind his back.”

I am sure the investigator received the same report of the Vet’s abilities from Ms. Deeming and then obtained and reviewed all the documents that “were put in writing” telling the Dr. about his deficiencies. Which begs the question, If the management of the CCSPCA felt this way about their Vet, Why did they continue to use him and promote him to the public? Did they also care more about the money than they did about the animals?

For now, we and the State investigator also know what Ms. Deeming thinks of one of her current accusers, from what she wrote about her former employee in the same E-mail, ”You on the other hand, do care about the animals, are very pleasant with the clients and do your job the best you know how.”

I trust the State will have taken into consideration the credibility assigned to the accused and accuser by the Directer of the CCSPCA before she herself became an accused. We will have to wait and see if the Veterinary Board does it’s job and sends a message to other Veterinarians who may care more about money than they do the care of the animals they are in-trusted with.

We will also have to wait and see if the veterianary board looks beyond the attempts at character assasination and seeks anwers to the questions raised by so many citizens.

6 thoughts on “CC SPCA Director Deeming Launches Character Assasination Campaign Against State's Attorney.

  1. Here we go again. Deeming pointing the finger at McDermott. I do not know what kind of vet he is, but what I do know: How can he stay in this environment?

    Deeming keeps trying to save her reprutation, yet is has been long gone for years.

    And where is that SPCA president? She really could not wait to post the article on the SPCA website, and still has not had the professionalism to talk to the public.

    It is very obvious that Cecil County and the government could care less about running a clean, fun, shelter with educated staff and animal control officers.

    It is very sad that people keep attacking this website and the support of many citizens to try to come together and make changes. Instead, some very nasty people from other counties complain about what we tried to do as a team.

    Since we really do not have the proper leaders in Cecil County, we will have to see (as they say) “What comes around, goes around”

    Deeming is terrible leader. Business 101 will educate you to run a non-profit organization with care. She only “cares” about her breeding business and taking the space for animals that need it. Also, she hasn’t even spent half of the almost $700K on proper animal control. Take a nice ride around the county and look at all of the dogs and cats that need help.

    Their time will come!

  2. Jeanne is running around the dog shows showing everyone paperwork that says she has been cleared…. Cleared of what???? Why has no one ever gone to her home to investigate? They would be surprised at what they would find. I know that she kept all of the so called “dog drugs” in a slide out drawer in her motor home. Common knowledge in the dog show world. If you needed anything for a sick dog you could go to Jeanne.
    I cannot believe that CC would even consider letting her continue to run the SPCA. She is still feeding her dogs for free Via the food she buys for the shelter dogs. Come On People. Wake up. Please do not let this get swept under the rug. At least the Whippet Breeders along with the Great Dane Breeders & English Setter Club are not buying her BS letters. She can’t even buy a dog from ANY Reputable Great Dane Breeder in the US. Does that tell you all something??? How can this be over?
    So sad for the people who want to go to the shelter and adopt a pet. I bet they still charge $200 for a cat and $300 for a dog. That is just nuts!!!! Then what do you think happens to these poor animals when they are not adopted out and Jeanne has no extra money to support her dog show habit?? They are put to sleep!!!! Hello are you are going to stand for this?

  3. Honestly, I have never, ever seen such chaos and down right incompetence, in my entire life…..

    First of all, Delegate Smigiel did a tremendous job on bringing this issue to the citizens of Cecil County.

    People who have complained about the SPCA were brought together and did not even realize how many others were doing the same for many years! I am sick and tired of hearing how EGOS are the issue, and it is a fact. Deeming, the president of the SPCA and the County Commissioners do not care. It is obvious they do not care, or else they would have done something to make changes many years ago. They just sit back and worry about their reputations and not the animals….period!

    Can anyone really sit back and say “wow, we really have a great SPCA in the county of Cecil?? I did not think so.

    Shame on all of the people that care about egos, drama, and darn right nastiness and neglecting the real issues of running a successful animal shelter for animals that cannot speak for themselves.

    Unfortunately in my children’s lifetime, they will never see Cecil County change their ways, but one day it will happen and we can look down and say “FINALLY”

  4. What needs to be done to get her and that so called ”vet” and so called ”officers” out of there. Let the people of CC run their own shelter! I betcha 10-1 that we could do a better job. Even the atmosphere there is terrible. I’m willing to work for the ccspca if anyone else wants to join me.


  6. Like I said the SPCA people will get whats comming to them one day cause God knows what really the truth and he will take care of it. And as for Jerry Hawkins I pray every night that you can sleep for what you did to TE TE. So God bless You All.

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