Republicans Are Surrendering State Wide Elected Offices To Dems Out of Fear and Failures of Leadership.


Perhaps the most contested State Senate race this year is the one on the Eastern Shore pitting, who I believe to be, the most outspoken and effective Conservative Libertarian Republican, other than myself (no brag just fact), in the Maryland legislature against the only Democrat Senator on the Eastern Shore. Delegate Mike McDermott, R 38th District has shown he is very intelligent and a gifted orator who has the guts to stand up for what he believes and to fight for it in the very unfavorable environment of Annapolis, Maryland.

The sitting Senator is Sen. James Mathias. Senator Mathias has voted with the progressive majority numerous times and thus should be an easy target for defeat in the conservative 38th District.

With only a dozen Republican Senators in office currently, you would think that the Republican Party and the Republican Senators would be working overtime to help a true Republican leader like Delegate McDermott to defeat Senator Mathias. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Senate President, Senator Mike Miller, has made the re-election of Mathias a priority and thus will pour six figures into the race. Yet, the Republican Party has offered little to no help for Delegate McDermott in this important State Senate race.

The loss of Delegate McDermott is going to be devastating to the Maryland House of Delegates, the loss of McDermott to the Legislature without a full on fight would be inexcusable.

The Republican Party found it possible just two years ago to support three Republicans running for local county council seats to the tune of $40,000 in a Cecil County race! Now in a pivotal State Senate Race they can not offer the same support? Correct that, they can not offer any support? Even if the party claims financial inability, where are the dollars from Congressman Harris who two years ago gave $40,000 to the party to help those local candidates? Where is the help from the State Senators who have no challengers in their races but have tens of thousands of dollars in their war chests?

Republican State Senators have been told by the Democrat Senate President, “If you get in the McDermott v. Mathias race, you will be punished”. So Republican Senators with the ability and the desire to help are not helping because of a concern over their own political comfort. Shame on any Senator in a position to help who fails to help out of fear they may be punished by the Democrat Senate President.

I call it Political cowardice to kowtow to the Democrat leadership on the decision of whom the Republicans should support for election to State wide office.

The Party and individual members of the Senate need to stand up to Democrat leadership and show they will not be intimidated into allowing the Democrat leadership to keep the growth of the Republican party stifled. Rhetoric about freedom and liberty rings hollow when you fail to stand up to tyranny when confronted with it in government. Republican Senators need to stand up and be counted. If you have no opponent and have tens of thousands of dollars in the bank you need to donate to and assist in every way possible in elected fellow Republicans. If you are threatened with loss of your committee seat or any other punishment by the Senate President, then make it public and double your efforts on behalf of the Republican candidate.

The Republican Party also needs to double its efforts to help Delegate McDermott and other candidates for the State Legislature or Maryland will continue to be a one party State years to come.

Watch here, in the next few days, where I will cover a few of the close Delegate races where the Republican leadership are failing to help Republican candidates.

Sometimes You Need To Be Afraid Of What Is Not There, More Than What Is.


Most of us old enough to remember back twenty or thirty years ago or are wise enough to study history so as to not repeat it, learned about the affect of international events on the price of oil and the stock market. If there was a mere threat of instability in the Middle East the price of oil, gold and silver shot up and the value of the stock market decreased.

In the past, the recent fighting between Palestine and Israel would itself be enough to trigger major economic repercussions in America. Now we see no affect whatsoever economically as the Middle East is in the biggest turmoil since World War II.

How is it possible that oil prices remain low as numerous Middle East countries are swallowed up by a Caliphate? How is it that Russian troops can invade a sovereign country and our Stock Market does not have any more reaction than a small blip on the market that is quickly corrected?

Under a Capitalist economic system, threats to the flow of oil and thus a danger to a steady means of production and instability in the trading markets would normally be reflected in major fluctuation to our economy. I am not seeing that happen.

Is the failure of our markets to react to these geopolitical events an indication that our economy is no longer tied to Capitalism? Have we gone so far down the Socialist road that the markets are unable to react as they should to such events?

It is naive to assume that the failure of our markets to react is a good thing.

Through quantitative easing we are creating almost a trillion dollars a year of devalued dollars to pay interest on our debt and to artificially prop up our economy. The markets have been falsely made to appear stronger than they actually are. This creates the near impossibility for the markets to now drop and correct themselves, at least until the whole economy fails.

Interest rates have to be kept unnaturally low because the national debt payments are already at half of the cost of our National Defense. If interest rates rise or the international community stops using the American Dollar as the primary currency, this bubble will burst and the effects on the American economy will be beyond anything we have ever seen before. Seventeen Trillion Dollars of Debt? Where will the money to pay this ever come from?

It is imperative we move backwards, away from Socialism and controlled markets and artificially protecting the stock market. A dozen or more smaller fluctuations in our economy are much easier to survive than will be the major collapse of the economic system that is looming under the current course we are proceeding under.

Why would the Obama administration and the federal reserve continue on a course of action that is going to create “the perfect storm” for an economic collapse of the American and subsequently the world economy?

Bill authorizing Maryland “Wellness Program” greatly exceeds authority in its implementation.


The Bill which authorized the development of a Maryland “wellness program” never mentioned any penalties for failure to participate or to follow the suggestions of health care workers yet as seen in the program created and displayed below there is an extensive set of fines and penalties for failure to participate in the program. The Administration has created its own policy which should be the exclusive power of the legislature. Read the bill below and decide for your self if the proposed implementation posted on this site on September 3, does not vastly exceed the authority granted under Senate Bill 224 (2013).

Senate Bill 224 2013

2015 Maryland Health Program Introduces Fines For Failure to Obey the State’s Opinion On Your Health Care.


In What amounts to the ugly reality of Obama Care and how the State will now direct your decisions on how best to live your life, the 2015 Maryland Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program has been released. I am amazed at how little negative press this State invasion into the most personal of decisions has received.

Posted below is the Agency Benefits Coordinator Training Power Point Presentation which clearly shows the State’s intent to allow draconian measures to be adopted by Health Insurance Companies in Maryland in a so called effort to reduce health care costs for the State by forcing State employees and retired employees on the Health Care Plan to get more preventative screenings, force members to be more “treatment compliant”, increase the out of pocket health care costs, and offer an incentive to change behavior. (page 10)

If you are healthy and choose not to participate in a “health activity requirements” program you will be fined a $50 surcharge. In 2016 this moves up to $75. (Who knows how much after that) This applies to the employee, a retiree and their spouse. (Page 18)

Those identified for disease management, (smoking, overweight, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia etc.)
who refuse to engage in treatment recommendations and healthy activity requirements, starting in 2017 will be fined $250 going up to $375 in 2018.

The quality of health care is sure to go down as well when you are kept from seeing your doctor by the new “community health care workers” being integrated into the overall health management of the members. (Page 19)

The new plan also plans to “provide reporting and data to the State and its vendors to support plan management and the development of additional strategic initiatives. (page 19) So much for your medical privacy.

Some of the stated goals are to increase treatment compliance by participants with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia and to reduce hospital readmission rates within 30 days of your discharge and to reduce emergency room visits by participants with asthma, COPD, and diabetes. (page 20)

Another interesting change is that Domestic Partner Coverage ends after 12/31/14. Apparently the State is taking the position now that since same sex marriage is now allowed, you need to get married because having a Domestic Partnership is not a strong enough relationship. (Page 23)

Some may think I am not a State employee or retiree so why should I care. What is significant is the State traditionally has a better insurance plan than many private sector companies offer. If the State Employee’s Union and the Police Union can vote to accept something as invasive as this plan what will the private sector have to tolerate as far as the State taking over control of your health care decisions?

I am amazed that the Unions would sign of on this plan. I am afraid for the future of Marylander citizens if this is an example of what O’bama Care holds.

I am sure that many citizens who were trying to hold on to Maryland as their home will find this the final blow that makes them succumb to their instinct to flee from oppression.

I have requested a full copy of the actual Plan and will review it and report in detail any additional concerns I find hidden within it.

ABC Emp and Retiree Health Welfare Training

Baltimore City FOP Issues Report Telling Politicians To Back Off And Let Them Police!


While the Baltimore Police Department issued “A Strategic Plan For Improvement” which is city and State officials are reviewing as a template for reform there was also issued a “Blueprint for Improved Policing” by the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 3 which is getting little or no attention because it is full of common sense suggestions that tell Public Officials to back off and allow the Police to do their jobs. Read below and please share your comments:

Baltimore Blueprint Policing

State Police Un-Officially Answer More Questions Regarding SB-281 Implementation.


Here are a few more interpretations being given by the MSP regarding SB-281.

Q: May I build my lower receiver purchased after 10/1/2013 into an assault long gun?

A: No, a lower receiver of a banned assault long gun purchased after 10/1/2013 may be built—provided there is compliance with federal and other state
laws—only into a handgun, a short barreled rifle that has an overall length of 29 inches or greater, or if the lower receiver is an AR15 platform, into a
heavy barrel model.
Q: May I build my lower receiver purchased at any time into a handgun?

A: Yes, a lower receiver of a banned assault long gun may be manufactured provided there is compliance with federal and other state laws—into a

Q: Do I need a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in order to purchase a lower receiver?

A: No, a lower receiver of a banned assault long gun is classified by the State
as a “firearm,” but not a “handgun”. A Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
is only needed if you are purchasing a handgun that is not classified as a
curio and relic.

The above information has been posted on the MSP Licensing Division’s web site under the FAQ’s for firearm dealers. They have not released an official advisory because it continues to be re-written and then held by the Governor’s Office.