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The Friends of Mike Smigiel, Auth: Charles “Chief” Jagoe, Treas.

When the Barbarians are at the gate…..


Yesterday I wrote that there would be a fight between the membership and leadership over whether an attempt to turn the Marijuana Task Force Bill into a Decriminalization Bill would be successful and I predicted that if it were successful the Bill would simply be recommitted to committee.  I was right about the fight but may have been wrong about the results.

I knew there would be an organized effort to amend the Task Force Bill, I just underestimated the number of Barbarians at the gate.  I thought that leadership would just bar the gate and would easily quell any revolt but it appears I underestimated both the numbers and the determination of the advocates of decriminalization.  It would appear that the shear number of supporters was enough to convince leadership that an amendment to the Task Force Bill would pass with or without leadership support.

Thus for the first time in the twelve years I have been here I see a Chairman and Leadership, perhaps being cajolled, agree that the Task Force Bill would be amended into a Decriminalization Bill.  The final bill will probably require something along the following lines:

Anyone under 21 who is caught with 10 grams or less would have a “must show” citation given to them and when they appear in court they can be fined and can be sent for rehabilitation.

Anyone 21 and over will be given a “no show” citation where they can just pay a fine or it they wish to appear in court they can check off a box on the citation.  On a subsequent offense there may be a higher fine and on a third offense or more they can be fined and ordered to treatment.

There would be no criminal record and Marijuana would not be legalized. That’s the plan tonight, but when the Barbarians are at the gate, who knows what tomorrow brings?



A Party High on Power


There are three days of the 2014 Session left. In a few hours, the drama on the floor of the House of Delegates will surround whether there is an attempt to amend the Marijuana task force bill to be a “Decriminalization” bill. Decriminalization means there is a civil fine attached with the use of less than a specified amount, a fine as opposed to jail. After a certain amount of repeated convictions there would be mandatory health evaluations and treatment.

The Democratic Leadership does not want full Legalization, nor are they ready to allow the majority of the legislature to vote for the Decriminalization. Thus, the task force to allow the State to study how the experiments with legalization in Washington State and Colorado develop.

Today those wanting to comply with the wishes of their constituents to at least Decriminalize Marijuana use in Md. are going to find it a very frustrating as they try to amend on the floor the “Task Force” bill. Since Democrat leadership is at odds with the membership, there should be one of those rare moments when the majority party is publicly at odds with itself on the floor.

What the Democrat supporters of Decriminalization are about to find out is that their leadership is not used to allowing a true democratic process to take place. Therefore even if the majority of the membership of the House were to vote for something other than the Task Force, that which passed would be sent back to committee to die.

So watch closely this morning as what most likely happens is a brief mutiny within the majority party is quickly suppressed and the Task Force Bill is passed. For political junkies the underlying procedural mechanics and the Gubernatorial race affiliations among various members will be interesting to watch but in the end the machine will win because that is what one party tyranny is constructed to do.

When an “Alternative” Isn’t An Alternative


A so-called “Alternative Budget” was offered as an amendment to the Governors budget which was up for a vote this week. The Governors Budget is an increase of 4% or almost $1.5 Billion.

The “Alternative” was to “only” increase it 1% or $325 million.

I stood up on the floor and spoke against this idea because even at 1% this is a serious amount of money coming out of the pockets of Maryland’s citizens. Frankly, if we must live within our budget at home, then I believe the Government should have to as well–particularly in a time when so many are out of work.

As Republicans, Conservatives or Libertarians we are fiscally responsible, we cut programs and reduce the size of government. Fiscally responsible legislators do not increase the size of government when we are so in debt and growth is stagnant.

In addition to refusing to join in the Republican Caucus in voting for a 1% increase I pointed out where some cuts could be made. One cut I suggested had to do with a 12 million dollar Biotech promotion program that only created 26 jobs at a cost of $307,000 per job.

The Budget Amendment language had a notation in the book that read “…Though popular with investors, the tax credit program has not been efficient in spurring job creation in the biotechnology sector. In fiscal 2013, the qualified Maryland biotechnology companies that participated in the tax credit program created 26 jobs: a state investment of $307,00 per job”

As fiscal conservatives it it our obligation to offer cuts to programs and the elimination of departments and not to acquiesce or participate in the growth of government. One such cut I suggested had to do with the 12 million dollar Biotech promotion program that only created 26 jobs at a cost of $307,000 per job, despite the
language in the amendment stating the program has “not been efficient” in spurring job creation, ten million dollars of the the funding was kept in the budget.

Here is the speech I gave on the floor condemning such wasteful spending of public funds.

Policies of Democrat Leadership Create and Promote Killers Like Gregg Thomas.


Last year during the debate over SB-281 the Democrat leadership in the House used unprecedented tactics to protect convicted violent criminals who used firearms in the commission of crimes from being specifically punished under the bill. (See the actual incident below)

The rejected amendment to the O’Malley gun control bill was meant to prevent convicted criminals like Greg Thomas, the man who just shot a police officer, from being free to roam among us and commit such heinous acts.

The rejected amendment was re introduced this year as HB-712 and is again intentionally being denied a vote in the judiciary committee because of orders by Democrat leadership that “no gun bills are to be brought to the floor of the legislature”.

HB-712, like last year’s rejected amendment to SB-281, would deny convicted violent criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes certain early release benefits such as parole, probation or diminution credits.

The very reason this bill is necessary can be seen in the tragedy being played out before us this last week.

Sgt Keith McNeill of the Baltimore Police department was ambushed and shot as he helplessly sat behind the wheel of his car. The man who just turned himself into police for the shooting is Gregg Thomas who pled guilty to 2nd degree murder (having used a firearm) in 2003.

Thomas received a 30 year sentence, had half immediately suspended by the judge then received credits in prison that let him out 5 years earlier than the 15 years he had remaining to serve.

Legislators passed the amendment last year that would have been added to the gun bill which would have kept dangerous convicted criminals, like the coward that snuck up and shot Sgt. McNeill, behind bars for the full length of their sentence. Democrat leadership quickly had that amendment struck from the bill.

This year, the amendment was put in the form of a bill, HB-712 which now Democratic leaders have consciously decided not to allow any so called “gun bills” to be voted on, whether they save lives, make sense or not.

Why would elected officials choose to follow a political policy decision that can only hurt their constituents? Such ill conceived plans are inexcusable.
Good men and woman are being killed or injured everyday because policies of the majority party continue to allow violent criminals to be released early back into society to do more harm.

The public needs to demand that HB-712, and other pro constituent firearms bills, be voted out of the Judiciary Committee and into law.

What happens if you “open carry” in Maryland as the Attorney General of Maryland suggests?


In the video below you see what happens if a citizen follows the advice of the Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and open carries a rifle or shotgun.

The Federal Courts have held that individual citizens can not be prevented from having either an “open carry” or “concealed carry” of firearms. If “concealed carry” is allowed then it can not have an Unconstitutional infringement such as requiring a “good and substantial” reason to carry as a pre-requisite to obtaining said “concealed carry” permit.

If “open carry” is allowed, the police and citizens of the State have to be ready for scenarios like that which is contained in this video. More tragic results may occur if citizens and Police are not properly educated as to the Constitutionality of “open carry”. The easiest way to prevent concern of citizens and police associated with viewing the open display of firearms associated with “open carry” is to pass shall issue “concealed carry” in Maryland.

The Maryland House of Delegates will be able to rectify the “Open Carry” dangers by voting to remove the Unconstitutional impediment, of “good and substantial reason” required before a “concealed carry” permit is issued, by voting for HB-36.

Breaking: House Gun Bill Day Information and Request


If you plan to attend Gun Day to hear the House Bills in the Judiciary tomorrow here is the latest information that we have as to how the hearings will be organized. Chairman Vallario has grouped the bills into “subject areas”. You can see this list below.

If you are planning on attending and need more than 2 minutes to testify on any group of bills, please send your testimony to me at and I will try to get you on a panel, which will allow you extra time to testify. If you are able to say what you wish in under two mins or are there for support and simply wish to come and lend your support or opposition to a bill or group of bills (sometimes known as a “me too”), I urge you to come and do that as well!

If you want to enter written testimony you can e-mail my office. My staff will see the testimony is provided to the committee and if you want to testify in addition let us know and my staff will sign you up an individual witness or panel member based on how much time you believe you will need and also if it’s duplicative.

As always should you have any questions please call my office at 410-841-3555 or my cell at 410-920-0128 or e-mail Andi, Alex, Dan, Mike D. or I at the above e-mail address.

Please if you can safely brave the weather, come tomorrow and be part of the movement of Patriots in Maryland who choose to stand and defend those liberties which we are guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.

Gun Day 03 04 2014 Schedule (2)

Senate Hearing on Second Amendment Bills lacks in attendance.


For everyone preparing to attend the Judiciary Hearings on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 please watch and share this video so you can see what happened in the Senate during their hearings. If you have not been able to forward your written testimony please do to some my staff can get it copied and provided to the committee. Once again, I can not thank all of you enough for standing tall in defense of your God given inalienable rights. It is my true honor to stand with so many Patriots.

State frees up well paid jobs as Budget Analyst for unpaid unqualified politically connected.


What happens when you raise the minimum wage and lower job qualification requirements for State Budget Analysts? You get bills like, HB 104-Budget Analysts – Qualifications.

I was shocked to see that in Committee voting on HB-104, there was no opposition to eliminating the minimum employment requirements to become a Maryland State Budget Analyst.

Here is the audio of the discussions I had on the floor trying to get to the bottom of the rational for such an illogical, irresponsible action. Click on the link below to hear my arguments.

If you are concerned for Maryland’s fiscal future please pass this on. (Click on the image/black box below to listen to the floor debate)

It is easy to protect the Constitution when it is not under attack.


When I was asked to file the important piece of legislation that became HB-1074 it was near the cross over deadline which meant if I wanted the legislation to have any chance I had to avoid having it die in the rules committee where my Constitutional supportive bills never seem to get voted out to a committee. On the way to filing the bill I asked seven other legislators who I believed to be supportive of the Constitution to sign on to the bill. Eight total signed up and now there are three, Delegate McDermott, Delegate Dwyer and myself.

I have explained that this bill does nothing to hurt the NSA if they operate within the confines of the United States Constitution and that in fact all we ask is that a warrant be obtained before any spying on American citizens takes place.

From Delegate Kipke, the Minority Leader’s recent news letter:

(Delegate Kipke Opposes “NSA Legislation”

Recently it was reported that Delegate Kipke supported legislation that would take punitive action against the NSA over privacy and constitutional concerns. However, Delegate Kipke opposes this legislation.

The referenced legislation speaks to supporting the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, while not mentioning the NSA by name there are vague references that could be interpreted to mean punitive action against NSA. Several very well-respected Delegates including Delegate Kipke pulled their support for this measure immediately upon learning the extent of the legislation.)

After I read of Delegate Kipke’s refusal to stand up for the 4th Amendment I had an amendment drafted removing his name from HB-1074.

For my thoughts see bill.